Why GoHaffi?

I love haflingers – and I love stallions.

However, I have often found it difficult to get an overview of which stallions are where.

This gave me the idea to this service.

My goal is to make the distance between the breeder at the stallion shorter – and to give a total overview of the stallions around the world, so that finding the right stallion is easier and more user-friendly.

Only with your participation will this succeed! Så please sign up you stallion, and I will do all I can to promote him.

The service is free, but you can upgrade to a premium membership for 30€, that exposes your stallion better by highlighting him, and letting you show more images and video.

I hope you choose this option! It’s less a month that a cup of coffee at a cafe!

Developing and maintaining this site has considerable costs – and since I have no intensions of selling your data, the only way to keep it running is by user payment.

I hope to meet your stallion on GoHaffi soon.

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Marianne Hejlsberg

Tel. +45 26 25 24 60
Email: marianne@gohaffi.com

My name is Marianne Hejlsberg.

I am a passionate haflinger rider and owner since 2006.

I am an active dressage rider, and have participated four times in the European Haflinger Championships, in 2015 winning silver in the difficult dressage class with my haflinger gelding Starka, as well as being danish champion and silver winner several times here at home.

I am also cofounder of the biggest haflinger association in Denmark, Haflinger Sport Denmark. We arrange the Danish National Haflinger Championships every year. This event is the highlight of haflinger sporting in Denmark.

In my professional life, I am Art Director, web designer and innovation coach. I own and run the companies SPIRIT DESIGNand HEJLSBERG INNOVATE