Terms of service and purchase on GoHaffi.com

GoHaffi.com is a directory and listing site.

GoHaffi.com does not take part in any agreements/negotiations/dealings the listing content may lead to. GoHaffi.com only contributes with the technical platform/aid.

GoHaffi.com is therefore neither seller nor supplier of the services the subscribers and stallions offer. GoHaffi.com can never be held responsible for a subscribers behavior or the stallions, who’s services he offers for sale on Gohaffi.com – wether the seller is a private individual or a professional.

GoHaffi.com can never be held responsible for the quality, safety og legality of the stallions, that are displayed on GoHaffi.com, or that the description/images/videos of the stallions are correct.

For agreements and trades entered with GoHaffi.com as supplier (subscriptions), the general rules in Danish law (including the Consumer Agreement Act, the Buying Act and the Contract Law) apply.

The types of purchase you can make with GoHaffi.com are listings and banner ads.

At the moment we offer following services

Standard Free listing: 0€ (6 months)
PREMIUM listing: 30€ per year
Topbanner search-area: 15€ per month
Topbanner listing page: 15€ per month
Banner side front Page: 10€ per month
Topbanners Dashboard area: 8€ per month
Design service: 99€


You are responsible for the content of your listing (GoHaffi.com reserves the right to edit your listing in accordance with GoHaffi.com listing rules).

You are able to edit your listing, as long as your subscription is active.

When you add a listing, your name, address, telephone number and email will be visible in your listing.

You will automatically receive a confirmation by email when you sign up a listing or ad. 

When your subscription period ends, Your listing is either;
• removed from the listing page (free 6-month subscription)
• automatically renewed (Premium subscription)

Purchase and payment of subscriptions

When purchasing subscription agreements – eg. memberships and other current services – the customer approves that GoHaffi.com is entitled to carry out transactions on the customer’s payment card on an ongoing basis.

With the conclusion of the agreement, the customer gives GoHaffi.com permission to carry out one payment transaction for each payment period (month or year) as long as the subscription runs.

The payment transaction is completed on the last business day before a new payment period begins.

GoHaffi.com is only entitled to carry out payment transactions on the subscription amount for the upcoming subscription period. Any additional amounts must be separately approved by the customer.

After each completed payment transaction, a receipt is sent to the e-mail address stated at the start-up/purchase of the subscription.

Subscription agreements apply until terminated by GoHaffi.com or the customer. Termination may be made with one month’s notice to the end of a year or month, once three months have elapsed since the conclusion of the agreement. 

Termination of subscription agreements or renewal is done via member login from GoHaffi.com’s website.

At card expiry, an email automatically reminds you that card information must be renewed. Notification is sent to the e-mail address that is stated on the start-up/purchase of the subscription. The subscription can be subject to separate terms/regulations, which are stated on the start-up/purchase of the subscription.

Processing of personal data

GoHaffi.com needs to collect, register and process personal data in order to carry out orders placed in our webshop.

GoHaffi.com collects only the information necessary for the provision of this service. The personal information processed is name, address and e-mail address. Sensitive information such as personal ID-number (CPR) is not registered. Nether is bank account or card numbers.

When purchasing through the webshop at GoHaffi.com, personal data is registered with the purpose of being able to process the ordered services.

When such information is recorded, GoHaffi.com ensures that this is done with the user’s consent and that it clearly states what information is being recorded.

Registered information is stored for 5 years, taking into account our accounting material, after which the information is deleted. In accordance with the Personal Data Act, GoHaffi.com, as the data controller, will notify anyone requesting it whether or not information is being processed.

If personal data are processed, notice will be given;

1) what information is being processed
2) the purpose,
3) who may receive the information as well
4) from where the information originates.

A registrar may object to GoHaffi.com at any time that information about him or her is being processed.

Payment over the Internet

Any online money transfer to GoHaffi.com is via an SSL connection. This means that an encrypted connection is created between you and GoHaffi.com.com, so credit card information, for example, cannot be read or intercepted by others. 

An SSL connection is recognized in your browser’s status bar as a lock-icon where the lock is closed. GoHaffi.com has a payment agreement with Mollie.com. This means that we meet extremely high requirements for security at GoHaffi.com.

Thus, in order to provide maximum security for your payment card information, GoHaffi.com does not store your card information.

When you place your listing or ad, your product is considered delivered and the money can be deducted.

GoHaffi.com takes the following payment cards:
Mastercard, VISA and VISA debit, as well as SOFORTBANKING

Right of withdrawal/return

All services that you can acquire at GoHaffi.com, are disclosures of information and knowledge in the form of listings, advertisements etc. 

Once the information has been passed on from you to GoHaffi.com, delivery has taken place. 

The service is thus received and taken into use by you, whereby the service cannot be returned. This means that the insertion of listings and adds, etc. on GoHaffi.com can not be undone. You can, however, edit your listing as long as your subscription is active.

Right of withdrawal in cases of deals made through GoHaffi.com

GoHaffi.com acts as intermediary of information between the seller and the buyer. If you want to regret/complain about a horse, who’s service you have purchased through GoHaffi.com, you must therefore contact the owner of the horse.

The actual seller is the person who has placed the listing/ad on that particular horse at GoHaffi.com.

The seller can either be a private individual or a professional – and different rules apply depending on whether it is a private individual or a professional.

Rules for listing of stallions

When you advertise a stallion on GoHaffi.com, it is a requirement that you have a genuine intention with your listing. 

You may only advertise stallions at GoHaffi.com that you own, or have the owner’s authority to create. 

Each horse must be registered separately (several horses may not appear in the same advertisement). 

A listing may not be changed so that the content is rewritten to another horse. This means that a new ad must be created per. horse.

Images/videos must be of the listed stallion

Images/videos must be owned by the subscriber, or be permitted for use on GoHaffi.com

When you advertise on GoHaffi.com,

you ultimately deal with the company Spirit ApS.

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